Alma Negra
Alma Negra DJ-Twins (Dersu & Diego Figueira) producing records since 2017
A jazz musicians collective playing on their records and live as a band.
Mario Robles A&R Label, Productions, Visual Design & Communication.
DJ Twins - Label - Live Band
Basel based twins Dersu and Diego Figueira have been spinning funk, house, disco and boogie across Switzerland and Europe since their teens and now converge together as Alma Negra. Coming from a musical family with strong Cape Verde roots, they soon embraced the Latin and African rhythms that are at the heart of the music they love. As dancers, drummers and latterly producers it is the foundation of what they do.

In addition to being a DJ duo, they have been working on creating a live band with their friend Mario Robles (AR) and other musicians from the local jazz community. These musicians frequently contribute to their recordings since their debut at Reeperbahnfestival in Hamburg in 2018.

Alma Negra has been active in the music industry since 2014, releasing records on various labels such as Sofrito, Basic Fingers, Lumberjacks in Hell, and Hotcasa. They are also residents on Detroit Swindles' Heist Records, a well-respected label in the house and techno scene.

In 2018, Alma Negra took their passion for music to the next level by launching their own record label. The label features a diverse range of artists, including Bambounou, Glenn Astro, and James Stewart, and showcases Alma Negra's commitment to promoting innovative and boundary-pushing electronic music.
Throughout their career, Alma Negra has demonstrated a keen ear for blending various musical styles and influences, resulting in a unique and captivating sound. Their tracks are characterized by intricate percussion, driving rhythms, and hypnotic melodies, making them a favorite among DJs and dancefloor enthusiasts alike.

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